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Famous 5: On The Case is a Canadian/French animated television series which is currently broadcast in Canada, on CBC Television, the United States, on Nickelodeon and was streamed on TF1 in the United States on April 26, 2020. It is a Co-produced By Nelvana And Ellipsanime,[3] loosely based on The Famous Five series of books created by Enid Blyton. At least some of the episodes have been developed for television by Douglas Tuber and Tim Maile, the writers of the former Nelvana series Dork Diaries.[1] On 21 June 2008 the show debuted in Italy and Australia on Disney Channel.

The central characters, children of the original Famous Five, embark on a new series of adventures. During these adventures the new Famous Five are able to make use of newer technology such as laptop computers and mobile phones which had not been invented in their parents' day.[4]


  • Jo Misra - Short for Jyothi, a Hindi word meaning light.[4] She is a 12-year-old daughter of George Kirrin, and like her mother before her is a tomboy and prefers to shorten her name to a more masculine form. She is of Anglo-Indian descent; her father is a man named Ravi whom George met in the Himalayas.[4] She is voiced by Ciara Janson.
  • Max Kirrin - Son of Julian Kirrin. He is a 13-year-old adrenaline junkie, who enjoys sports such as mountain biking and skateboarding. He is voiced by Jon Lee.
  • Allie Campbell - A 12-year-old daughter of Anne Kirrin, who moved to California after university and is now a successful art dealer.[4] Allie, who was born in California before moving to Falcongate, is a happy shopaholic and uses her cellphone to stay in contact with America. She is voiced by Kelly Metzger.
  • Dylan Kirrin - Son of Dick Kirrin. He is an 11-year-old fan of gadgets and aspiring entrepreneur who likes to look for ways to make money. He is voiced by Lizzie Waterworth in Series 1-2.
  • Timmy the Dog - The Famous Five's trusty pet dog. He is voiced by Justin Fletcher.
  • Dane and Blaine Dunston - they are neighbors of the Famous Five, who are the same age as them, but are spoiled, pampered and arrogant due to their father's wealth. They typically have their comeuppance whenever they appear, but have been shown to team up with the five on occasion.
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The show has attracted criticism from Blyton fans. Vivienne Endecott, a member of the Enid Blyton Society, has said she was "wary" of the show, telling The Daily Telegraph "I don't really see how you can take the Famous Five out of their era, which is 1940s Britain; anybody can write about four children and a dog, and my concern is that modern kids who watch this will think that the Famous Five is all about gadgets and multi-culturalism."[2]

Steve Aranguren, the vice president of global original programming at Nickelodeon Studios stated that "We wanted to bring the sense of adventure in the original books to a new generation of Famous Five fans, however, we needed to give the characters a contemporary voice."[2] Jeff Norton, of Nelvana Limited, the company that owns the television rights to Enid Blyton's works, told the Press Association "We tried to imagine where the original Famous Five would go in their lives."[4] He also stated "we spoke to Enid Blyton's daughter and she thought her mother would love what we have done".[4]


There are 26 episodes and each episode is 22 minutes long.

  1. The Battle Starts - 5 April 2008
  2. The Case of the Plant That Could Eat Your House /New Megazord- 5 April 2008
  3. The Case of the Impolite and Snarly Thing/The Girls Mistake- 19 April 2008 (Note: Dylan Gets Grounded For Joyriding To McDonalds at the beginning of this episode)
  4. The Case of the Sticks and Their Tricks- 26 April 2008
  5. The Case of the Plot to Pull the Plug/Fight At Jos Mansion- 3 May 2008 (Note: this is the first episode to have snow in Falcongate)
  6. The Case of the Thief Who Drinks From the Toilet/You Are Grounded Jo- 10 May 2008
  7. The Case of the Hot Air BA-BOOM!/Lions Attacked- 17 May 2008
  8. The Case of the Stinky Smell/Famous 5 Super Charge- 24 May 2008
  9. The Case of the Defective Detective/Walking Nightmares- 31 May 2008
  10. The Case of Allies Really Bad Singing/Giant Evil Chicken Army Vs Megazords- 7 June 2008
  11. The Case of the Medieval Meathead/The Omega Ranger- 14 June 2008
  12. The Case of the Messy Mucked up Masterpiece/Clash of the Megazords- 21 June 2008
  13. The Case of the Guy Who Makes You Act Like A Chicken/Famous 5 On the Case Vs Babar and the Adventures of Babou - 28 June 2008


Along with the series, Hodder Books has produced a "flipper" novel of some of the 26 episodes. Each book contains two of the stories and are available in UK bookstores. It has not yet been confirmed on whether other merchandise will be released. The books are:

  1. Case Files 1 & 2: The Case of the Fudgie Fry Pirates & The Case of the Plant that Could Eat Your House
  2. Case Files 3 & 4: The Case of the Impolite Snarly Thing & The Case of the Sticks and Their Tricks
  3. Case Files 5 & 6: The Case of the Plot to Pull the Plug & The Case of the Thief Who Drinks from the Toilet
  4. Case Files 7 & 8: The Case of the Hot-Air Ba-Boom! & The Case of the Stinky Smell
  5. Case Files 9 & 10: The Case of the Defective Detective & The Case of Allie's Really Very Bad Singing
  6. Case Files 11 & 12: The Case of the Medieval Meathead & The Case of the Messy Mucked Up Masterpiece
  7. Case Files 13 & 14: The Case of the Guy Who Makes You Act Like A Chicken & The Case of the Felon with Frosty Fingers
  8. Case Files 15 & 16: The Case of the Bogus Banknotes & The Case of Eight Arms and No Fingerprints
  9. Case Files 17 & 18: The Case of the Flowers That Make Your Body All Wobbly & The Case of the Guy Who Looks Pretty Good for a 2000 Year-Old
  10. Case Files 19 & 20: The Case of the Gobbling Goop & The Case of the Surfer Dude Who's Truly Rude
  11. Case Files 21 & 22: The Case of the Cactus, the Coot, and the Cowboy Boot & The Case of the Seal Who Gets All Up In Your Face
  12. Case Files 23 & 24: The Case of the Snow, the Glow and the Oh, No! & The Case of the Fish That Flew the Coop

International sales[]

According to the online magazine License! Global the series has been sold to several international broadcasters.[3] These are Super RTL (Germany), RTBF (Belgium), the Netherlands version of Jetix, and LNK (Lithuania); along with Disney France, Disney Africa, Disney Middle-East and Disney Asia and Australia.[3]

Home media[]

In the United States, Famous 5: On The Case was released on Movie Land Disc on November 17, 2020 by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment as Famous 5: On the Case - The Complete Series and was produced in 2160p Widescreen format with 4-disc set.

Film adaptation[]

As of August 2013, a computer-animated film adaptation for the television series of its same name was announced in the United States. Paramount Home Entertainment and Kaboom Entertainment were acquired rights to develop the film with Sony Pictures Releasing acquiring the US distribution rights to the film. It will be released on March 5, 2021. It will be directed by Stephen Gaghan.


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